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Acorn iberico shoulder ham Domingo

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Iberian Acorn Shoulder ham Domingo (Guijuelo)

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Region Guijuelo - Salamanca (Spain)

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Paleta Ibérica de bellota D.O. Guijuelo

Guijuelo ham is an Iberian ham curing in the municipality of Guijuelo, in Salamanca province. This denomination of origin "Guijuelo" was granted in 1986 and covers 60% of the Spanish total production of Jamón Ibérico.

The hams and shoulders of the denomination have processing standards and special features such as the meat of the animal and the healing process in special cellars that receive cold and dry winds from the mountains of Gredos and Béjar.

The duration of drying of hams is usually over the year, while the shoulder will need more than half a year.

These hams and Guijuelo Iberian shoulders come exclusively from the Iberian race, allowing crossings controlled Duroc pigs, although obtaining a minimum of 75% of Iberian purity.

The hams and shoulders with D.O. Guijuelo have labelling with a unique numbering that occurs in the inviolable seal, besides a vitola of color, which will vary depending on the quality of the ham.

Only a limited number of parts per year are certified with the denomination of origin Guijuelo, provided they meet a series of criteria to be certified.

Hams and shoulders of the D.O. Guijuelo characteristics are:

  • Region: Guijuelo (Salamanca)
  • Brand: Guijuelo
  • Breed: Pure Iberico de bellota
  • Part of the pig: rear leg
  • Outward appearance: startle grayish green and whitish touches of its flora fungal.
  • Hoof: Elongated and stylised, cane close and black color.
  • Bacon: Bright hue and golden. Taste: Sweet, soft, and very salty. It has a delicate aroma.
  • The Court: you have many veins of butterworts subjection and presented some white spots (tyrosine crystals), which crystallize in the muscle mass of the ham due among other reasons to the low concentration of salt used for processing. These white spots provide soft crunchy tones. In terms of its low level of salt, it provides a great softness and sweetness on the palate.

Area of development and maturation

Form the Guijuelo area a set of 76 industries, which carry out the entire process of curing and maturation of the hams with a special craft. These industries are spread among populations as Guijuelo, Ledrada, Sotoserrano, Miranda de el Castañar, Béjar, Candelario, Frades de la Sierra and Tamames, among others, that benefit from this special microclimate.

Production area

Iberian pigs come from various pastures of Spain, but production is primarily concentrated in Salamanca, Extremadura, Andalusia (Cordoba, Huelva and Seville) and some areas of Castilla La Mancha.

The dehesa

Breeding is done in different pastures of Zamora, Salamanca, Toledo, etc, while the area of sacrifice and cured corresponds to the municipalities of the southwest of the province of Salamanca (located approximately 1000 meters above the sea level). Curing is carried out to the air and dry continental climate with constant winds coming from the Sierra de Gredos and Béjar is suitable for this process.

Recently the hams with the official badge certifying their elaboration in the Salamanca town of Guijuelo, are endowed with a quality certificate, naming them as well as one of hams for best flavor and texture of the world.


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Acorn iberico shoulder ham Domingo

Acorn iberico shoulder ham Domingo

Iberian Acorn Shoulder ham Domingo (Guijuelo)

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