Sliced acorn iberico shoulder ham ​​200g approx. View larger

Sliced acorn iberico shoulder ham ​​200g approx.


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Shoulder of Iberico ham, finely sliced, vacuum packed and ready to serve at your table. 200 Gr. Approx.

"Jamón Jamón" recommend you to get a perfect taste and aroma open the envelope with a minimum of 10 minutes in advance and take it at room temperature.

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Description of the Paleta Ibérica de bellota D.O. Extremadura

Our shoulders are obtained from the same pigs that we obtain the hams with identical traceability, identification and presentation than these. Besides drawing them in a craft way, our pallets are in our dryers and natural wine cellars for a period ranging from 20 to 30 months. At the end of maturity they acquire a taste, aroma and the ham-like vessel.

Parts have a weight that ranges between 4.25 and 5, 75 kg. Like hams are presented with rope tying of twisted double yellow and green, double seal and vitola, within greaseproof paper, paper gift with logo Manor, mesh, mesh green sack silkscreen printed, and where it is needed in individual gift box.

We bone our pallets, at the request of the customer, by hand, cleaning part of their external fat, tying them to configure the characteristic form and packaged them in a transparent plastic bag vacuum including within vacuum vitolas and plastic seals which accompanied the workpiece along all manufacturing. The Boning and the withdrawal of part of the fat they lose about 53 percent of its total weight with skin and bone. For this reason, parts have a weight between 1.80 and 2, 75 kg.

Characteristics of the Paleta Ibérica de bellota D.O. Extremadura

Origin: Extremadura

Brand: Señorio de Montanera

Race: Iberico pure Acorn

Part of the pig: Front leg

Passport of traceability

We are proud of how we do our products and the quality of the raw materials that come from. Why our hams and shoulders are accompanied by a passport of traceability we indicate where relevant information about the farm that performed the montanera, duration and replacement of Acorn during the same and the date of preparation.

Also indicate the most important quality characteristics of parts: race Iberian, Acorn in the meadow and traditional processing power. Everything that configures it as a healthy food with high percentages of mono unsaturated fats and tocopherols that act as powerful antioxidants, as well as make them delicious, confer them a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases, similar to olive oil and placing them among the most complete foods of the Mediterranean diet.

Subject premium

The raw material which is used in products from Iberian pigs of Señorio de Montanera has some notable technological features; more pronounced in the Fed acorns and exclusively Iberian. These properties are:

-Large fatty deposition in tissues.

-The high level of oleic acid in the adipose tissue.

The important accumulation of lipids in intramuscular and subcutaneous tissues, contribute a decisive characteristics of juiciness and flavor of these products. Dehydration processes are performed more slowly, allowing long periods of maturation that favor chemical reactions to the formation of compounds responsible for the aroma.

High percentages of oleic and the infiltration of fat in the muscles give, products, the shiny appearance of the cut that is so appreciated by consumers and that, in their maturation, dominate the volatile compounds of pleasant aroma and flavor. However, these characteristics make it difficult and significantly lengthen the production process.

La Dehesa

La dehesa is the last natural Mediterranean forest and one of the most beautiful ecosystems of the Iberian landscape. In it are bred and fattened our Iberian pigs surrounded by holm oaks and cork trees that produce the Acorn and wrapped in the scents of jara, charneca, mastic, Juniper, Cistus and Rosemary and on an endless mosaic of grassland that shows all the shades of green in autumn and winter and appears multicolored in spring or full of ochre, yellow and Brown in the summer.

Iberian pigs who feed on the rangelands are very limited and it is a function of the density and size of the Oaks and cork oaks. The production of acorns per tree is only 10kg, and the woodland density varies between 20 and 60 trees per hectare. Normally, they are accurate between 700 and 800 kg of acorns to fatten a pig. Therefore, each animal needs more than 2 hectares to carry out your bait on the open range. It starts at the beginning of the autumn and continues throughout the winter season. In this period the animals fatten over 50kg of weight exclusively with grass and Acorn.

The race

The name "pure Iberian pig" is a racial grouping of pigs native inhabiting since time immemorial, the southwest of the Iberian peninsula. It is a breed of privileged Spanish livestock, unique in its kind, which allows to get cured of the highest quality meat products appreciated by the most exquisite and demanding palates.

Pure Iberian pig is an animal of average size, skin pigmented with variations between black intense and colorado or extremely and with sparse hair (entrepelado) or absent (hairless). Pigs are very muscled whose limbs or rods are thin and resistant, fitted with black hooves. The high fat makes its products juicy, aromatic and flavorful.

The breeding of the Iberian pig remains linked to the Spanish Southwest rangelands and ensures the survival of this ecosystem.

The character

Señorio de Montanera is an Extremadura company formed by ranchers with meadows in Extremadura, Andalusia and Portugal's Alentejo. A company that fattening, with Acorn, pure Iberian pigs, and that at a certain point decided to develop products of these magnificent animals.

A company that works with artisans who passed their craft from generation to generation - and handcrafted. We faenamos the channel hot - to separate the parts well and remove excess fat - and outline with knife, one by one, all of them.

Our ham master control salting, drying and maturation in cellar. Finally calan parts, one by one, so that they reach the customer at the time just ripening. Where required - upon request of the customer - cutters teachers cut hams to knife and placed in trays to the vacuum.

In the same way we do with sausages. The master pusher choose clean meat, makes the dressing, mixing, fills them, and then monitors all drying and maturation.

Along with all this we decided to improve the productive processes. To do this we are combining the traditional preparation with technological innovation - traceability, packaging and computer control-.


The development of the Iberian ham, Señorio de Montanera is an almost artisan process that requires an exceptional raw, some artisans who know well his trade and a long period of preparation that allows to develop full flavour, aroma and ship.


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Sliced acorn iberico shoulder ham ​​200g approx.

Sliced acorn iberico shoulder ham ​​200g approx.

Shoulder of Iberico ham, finely sliced, vacuum packed and ready to serve at your table. 200 Gr. Approx.

"Jamón Jamón" recommend you to get a perfect taste and aroma open the envelope with a minimum of 10 minutes in advance and take it at room temperature.

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